Blink pt 2.

Once again, I might just post pictures… there are certain things which pictures say faster…


I like graffiti! But for now, I’ll let the photos do the talking….

Moon/Apollo 13/Sunshine

So, a few days ago, I went to the cinema with my Dad, to see Moon.  First up, don’t get the impression that my Dad is the only person I go to the cinema with.  He’s just the only person who is willing to see films with me that are either a) science fiction or b) very bad, since most other people in my life are either operating in different genres or suffer from taste. Second, Moon is really very good!  I had hopes, since it seemed to be one of the very few films set in space which seemed …

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It has been pointed out to me that there’s a sequel to Madness of Angels due to be published at some point in the next few months, and in the interest of this not coming as a total shock, I figure that I might as well say a few things about it now in order to stir up a furor of… well… fervour… However!  In the interest of not actually giving anything away whatsoever, I’m going to do this in minor drips and drabs.  So, I think the very first, and absolutely most important thing to say about Matthew Swift’s …

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A dog and a cat

I know that these aren’t strictly literary heroes, but since I’m covering my heroes generally, I figured I might as well throw them in.  Garfield the cat and Grommit of Wallace and Grommit fame are up there as two of my greatest heroes of all time.  I mean, you could make a loose case for arguing that Garfield is a literary figure… of sorts… but it would be a very, very loose case and I’m not really going to try and make it.  I was introduced to Garfield by a friend at school, who for the purpose of anonymity we’ll …

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Through a Dirty Window pt.2

For those who are wondering about the previous post, I guess I should add 2 key bits of information. 1.  There are actually 2 dirty windows involved, although they are both on the same floor of the same building. 2.  It’s not the London Eye.