Upcoming Events and Stuff!

EVENTS!  Things that are happening! So first, as of a week ago there were signed copies of The End of the Day available from both Goldsboro Books and Forbidden Planet.  Go grab! On the evening of May 4th, I’m hanging out with Mike Carey at Waterstones Piccadilly, to knatter about his latest (awesome) book, The Boy on the Bridge, and see if I can trick him into yodelling.  Come join us. UPDATE that I forgot to put into this original post!  On May 27th and 28th I’m at MCM Comicon at London Excel, yattering with lots of cool dudes and …

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End of the Day – Published!

Booook!!  Newwww boookkkkk!!  It’s published today whoopeeee!!  NEW BOOK!! Etc.. (If you don’t fancy paying for the hardback, paperback is out in autumn, there’s ebooks out now, and as always an audiobook read by the infuriatingly talented Peter Kenny.  NEW BOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!)

Oh nonononononono….

It can be tricky in this day and age explaining to some people exactly how they are misogynist, racist or any of the other ‘isms’ that we’re all proud not to be.  In the good old days, misogyny was easy to call out – and still is sometimes today – because people would turn round and say ‘Don’t try and rig that light, Cat Webb, you’re a woman and won’t do it right.’ These days its more subtle than that, but just because it’s not as blatant doesn’t mean it’s not there.  It’s there every single time I have to …

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Some Upcoming Stuff 2017!

World!  A few bits and bobs! The Djinn Falls in Love is released NOW.  An anthology of short stories edited by the awesome Jared Shurin and Mahvesh Murad, it features works from a line-up of stunningly excellent writers, and one story from me to lower the tone.  Despite this, it should be great – go get yourselves a copy! The End of the Day is the next book what I wrote, and it is released April 4th in hardback, ebook and audiobook, narrated by the deeply excellent Peter Kenny.  It is the story of the Harbinger of Death, a nice …

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The End of the Day – Cover

NEW BOOK!  New book new book new book wheeeeeee! And other deeply literary sounds. This is the story of Charlie.  Charlie is the Harbinger of Death.  It wasn’t his first career choice, but then he didn’t really have a career choice, he just wanted to pay off his student debt and pay the rent.  Charlie enjoys music, nice food, and is trying his hand at online dating.  He’s not sure why Death chose him to be Harbinger, but there’s plenty about the job to like.  Lots of travel, albeit economy class; decent pay and holiday time, an office in Milton …

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