Waywalkers, UK paperbackUK Publisher: Atom Books
Publication Date: November 2003
Format: Paperback
R.R.P. £5.99
More Info: www.littlebrown.co.uk


About the Book:

Sam Linnfer works part-time at a London university as a translator of obscure ancient texts. He’s a quiet chap with a few friends here and there, and an affection for cats. He’s also immortal and the Son of Time. In fact, you might know him better as Lucifer, the Devourer of Souls or the Devil. And with all the gods in Heaven about to go to war over ownership of Earth, you’re going to be extremely glad he’s not exactly the person legend makes him out to be – but that he does know how to handle a flaming sword…

The elder gods have risen.

The Firedancers have been called forth.

The armies of Heaven and Hell are stirring.

The ultimate battle has begun.

To survive, Earth will need more than just sympathy for the devil…

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