Timekeepers, UK paperbackUK Publisher: Atom Books
Publication Date: May 2004
Format: Paperback
R.R.P. £6.99
More Info: www.littlebrown.co.uk


About the Book:

Sam Linnifer returns to continue what he started in Waywalkers and rid the world of the deadly plots and schemes of the elder gods. But with Seth, Jehovah and Thor now in control of the dread Pandora Spirits Sam knows Earth’s only hope may rest in his unleashing the Light. But the power bestowed upon him at birth by his father Time could have deadly consequences for Sam himself. For in unleashing the Light, Sam must touch the minds of every human on Earth. To save the world, Sam may have to destroy himself…

In a war between Gods, where Earth is the battle ground and humans are expendable, you’ll need to have more than just sympathy for the Devil.

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