Matthew Swift Novels

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A Madness of Angels UK Pb 200x314 Midnight Mayor UK TPb 150x236 Neon Court UK Pb 200px minority council


  1. i really hate to be a bother but i was wondering if you’d be publishing any more swift novels in the year 2015 , i’ve been hungering to read another one for quite some time.

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  4. Wholeheartedly agree! I absolutely love the Michael Swift series… Do you have any plans to write another?

  5. Would really enjoy to see more Matthew Swift novels… Any chance?

  6. Why hasn’t someone picked up these books and made them into a TV series? If they had a ‘Dr Who/ Sherlock’ approach to them I think they would be excellent

  7. Thank you so much for these wonderful stories. They have helped me escape and I was wondering if the series with Mathew Swift as the main focus was going to continue. The Beggar King mentioned something in the most recent novel and I was just wondering if the Midnight Mayors adventures are going to continue. I agree with Johnny Cutter as well. TV series would be excellent.

  8. I finished A Madness of Angels last week and immediately ordered the others- I’m just at the beginning of the adventure and I’m excited in a way that is neither ladylike or becoming.

    Thank you so much for bringing Matthew to life for me, I’m completely silly about him.

    Matthew Mcnulty as Swift in a TV series? Just throwin’ that out there.

    Thanks again! x

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  10. Sergei Polunin would be fabulous in the role – he has a beautiful combination of arrogance and open humanity, strength and vulnerability, otherworldly power and skinny dorkiness. A bit young, but nothing that time wouldn’t cure …

  11. Has anyone exactly located the courtyard and telephone where Matthew swift was killed. it’s somewhere between Blackfriars Bridge and Tower Bridge and I’ve cross referenced the train lines.

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