Upcoming Events and Stuff!

EVENTS!  Things that are happening! So first, as of a week ago there were signed copies of The End of the Day available from both Goldsboro Books and Forbidden Planet.  Go grab! On the evening of May 4th, I’m hanging out with Mike Carey at Waterstones Piccadilly, to knatter about his latest (awesome) book, The Boy on the Bridge, and see if I can trick him into yodelling.  Come join us. UPDATE that I forgot to put into this original post!  On May 27th and 28th I’m at MCM Comicon at London Excel, yattering with lots of cool dudes and …

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Oh A General Election Oh Yay

Well isn’t this nice.  Teresa May has called a general election that has nothing whatsoever to do with the timing of a) having invoked Article 50 and b) Labour trailing 20 points behind in the polls.  Nothing at all nononono…. It is almost certain that I am going to get very political in the next few weeks, because… well, fuck it… it’s the world, it’s our society, it matters, so yeah.  That’s good enough. However, before that kicks off, a few general thoughts. 1. The time is right to support fact-checkers.  If the last 18 months has taught us anything, it’s …

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No Place For Heroes

I finally saw Rogue One, and while there was much to say on this subject, my overwhelming thought leaving was this: I wish there was an obvious way for me to fight a clearly evil empire.  Preferably with my awesome kung-fu skills. It’s one of the great draws of all fantasy/SF books ever.  The tales of plucky awesomeness as we rise up, often with our Jedi powers/wizarding skills/prophecised magics, to take down a big bad darkness in the name of good. And then you look at reality. And you realise that the things you regard as big bad darknesses are, …

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End of the Day – Published!

Booook!!  Newwww boookkkkk!!  It’s published today whoopeeee!!  NEW BOOK!! Etc.. (If you don’t fancy paying for the hardback, paperback is out in autumn, there’s ebooks out now, and as always an audiobook read by the infuriatingly talented Peter Kenny.  NEW BOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!)

Oh Iron Fist

Things I have learned, attempting to watch Iron Fist.  Even Marvel on Netflix can let you down.  Oh Iron Fist.  You were always going to be tricky.  It was always gonna be a tough one.  And you have not risen to the challenge.  Cultural appropriation IS an issue.  Because there’s a difference between going ‘I went to a mystic far-Eastern heavenly city and learned about kung fu and I’m grateful that they trained me in their ways and hope to be able to honour this gift with my actions, while conceding that Confucianism is oppressive to women and accepting that …

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