AMA and 84K!

If you are in the USA, the 84K publishes today, whoooo!

If you are in the UK, then despite the fact it’s my home turf, I think you’ve got a few more days to go, although to be honest things are already shipping and there are copies in some good bookshops and it’s all sorta go anyway.

To celebrate, I am spending the day eating cake (more cake), scampering between a few meetings and doing an AMA!  Pop over to Fantasy/Reddit and have a knatter here!


  1. I may have picked up copy of 84K last night in the UK. I popped into my local bookshop and was surprised to see it on the shelf and…well, it would be rude not too…. 😀

  2. UK release must have been today, because the Kindle version downloaded automagically for me. Only a few short chapters in, but intrigued already.

  3. Missed your AMA but I still try to keep up with your work, always will be a fan even if there’s some books I pass on. Although I will have to agree with someone else in the AMA in that Matthew Swift ruined me for other “urban fantasy” books and I will forever be comparing them to your work. Hopefully some day we get to revisit London or perhaps another city in the same vein the same genre of stories. Anywho, glad things are going well for you….and now I’m hungry for cake 😛

  4. Will there be a hardcover edition in the US?

    Big Fan!

  5. Sorry – not aware of any plans for one! I hang my head in shame (and also apologise for taking forever to answer).

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