Some Upcoming Stuff 2017!

World!  A few bits and bobs!

The Djinn Falls in Love is released NOW.  An anthology of short stories edited by the awesome Jared Shurin and Mahvesh Murad, it features works from a line-up of stunningly excellent writers, and one story from me to lower the tone.  Despite this, it should be great – go get yourselves a copy!

The End of the Day is the next book what I wrote, and it is released April 4th in hardback, ebook and audiobook, narrated by the deeply excellent Peter Kenny.  It is the story of the Harbinger of Death, a nice man called Charlie, who travels the world visiting people and places, sometimes as a warning and sometimes as a courtesy, in preparation of the arrival of his boss.  Read more here.

Also on April 4th I’m taking part in Unsung Stories, where I shall be reading the silliest thing I have ever written and listening to the talents of Verity Holloway, Nick Wood and Timothy Jarvis.

There are other things in the works too… including a possible trip to Scotland, a potential wander to Poland and Portugal, a stagger out West and other potential expeditions… all of which I’ll try to announce in advance, here!

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