The End of the Day – Cover

NEW BOOK!  New book new book new book wheeeeeee!

And other deeply literary sounds.

This is the story of Charlie.  Charlie is the Harbinger of Death.  It wasn’t his first career choice, but then he didn’t really have a career choice, he just wanted to pay off his student debt and pay the rent.  Charlie enjoys music, nice food, and is trying his hand at online dating.  He’s not sure why Death chose him to be Harbinger, but there’s plenty about the job to like.  Lots of travel, albeit economy class; decent pay and holiday time, an office in Milton Keynes that does a lot of the logistics, and of course, you get to meet new and interesting people. If only once.


  1. Can’t wait to get my eyes on it!! Thanks Claire 🙂

  2. Looking forward to this 🙂

  3. And added to my list. Thanks!

  4. IT was only yesterday I was browsing the shelves in my local Waterstones, and when I saw the paperback copy of ‘Touch’, it led me to wonder when I might get to lay my hands on a new Claire North novel!
    Well, while I may not know a date, I know, at least, that a new book is imminent.
    For which I am deeply thankful!

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