Some Upcoming Publication Dates….

So!  Just this once I have some information about publication dates whoop whoop!  I mean, not much, but by my standards this is totally on it…

1.  Touch paperback.  While naturally I’m assuming that everyone who comes here has bought hardback copies of Touch for themselves, their friends, families, loved ones and garrulous strangers in the street, just in case you’re hanging on in there for something a wee bit cheaper, the paperback of Touch is released on August 27th in the UK.

2. … and about two minutes later, the Gameshouse novellas are released as ebooks on November 3rd!  I don’t yet know if they’ll ever become papery papery books, except in Germany where I believe they will be one day (hurrah and vielen danke!) but I guess that question will be answered by how badly or well they do.

3.  And not an exact publication date yet, but the third Claire North book, cautiously saved on my computer as Forget Me Not though we’ll see what its title becomes eventually, will probably be released spring 2016!  Unless, that is, it drives my editor to despair first; who knows?

There will be more dates coming, I think, especially in August and September, and maybe a tiny weeny chance that if you’re around on the East Coast of America during that time there may be a bit of booky stuff there!  It’s a little up in the air, as part of these planned America adventures include getting from Florida to New York via Alabama while seeing a huge number of my partner’s relatives, and fitting book stuff in on top of that may prove… interesting.  But like all good Brits who can’t t really understand the size of a distant place that seems okay-sized on an Atlas really, we’re gonna give it a go.  Again, I’ll try and be a proper professional-type person and put information about that stuff up with time to spare, instead of my usual afterthoughty kinda thing…


  1. Hi there! I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned this somewhere but I was wondering when there will be more Matthew Swift/Magicals Anonynous novels? I just love them–you’re rapidly becoming my New Favorite Author! Cheers!

  2. Bill Bryson goes some way to getting across the sheer size of North America in a couple of his books, but flying across it really does bring it home.
    Especially the big flat bit in the middle, where you look out of a window at 35,000 feet, and below are vast areas of fields, with a single highway that just runs in a straight line as far as you can see to its vanishing point.
    That was on a flight from Minneapolis/St Paul to Vail, Colorado.
    Or flying across LA at night, looking at the lights below stretching in all directions, for what seems like an hour or more.
    It’s inconceivably huge!

  3. Oh, while I’m here, congrats on the JWC Award nomination, and is there any chance at all that we may get to enjoy your company out here in the wilds of the West Country, like maybe Bath or Bristol?
    Bath has the totally wonderful Toppings Bookshop, which hosts signings by all sorts of great authors, I’ve been to talks and signings by Kate Humble and William Gibson that they’ve put on, so you’d be in good company.
    Bristol has Waterstone’s and Forbidden Planet.

  4. …cautiously saved on my computer as Forget Me Not though we’ll see what its title becomes eventually…

    You know I said Waterstones website had Claire North book 3 listed? That was the title. Have they been spying on your computer..?

  5. Please do let us know when you’re making a stop in the wilderness known as Alabama. I’d drive to Huntsville or Birmingham (or anywhere else remotely close) to hear a reading or at the least get a signed copy of Harry August. After Harry, I gobbled up Touch, and so eagerly await the next Claire North offering. You have a unique and clever way of seeing the world through your character’s eyes. And TFFLOHA was just brilliant. I’m on board now for whatever you turn out. Best, D.

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