Something called ‘Twitter’

So I’ve joined a thing called ‘twitter’.  Apparently there you can ‘tweet’.  But!  Each tweet has a character limit, which will be very odd.  For example, this entire blog post has probably already exceeded it.  I find this very unsettling.

However!  I am informed that this new-found concision could be a good thing!  I could be updating my life while on the go, with short, pithy bursts of interesting news, rather than writing irregular, epic essays for this blog. For the first time I might actually be good at saying when events happen before they happen and reporting on things like publication days and book news and stuff, without the usual satellite delay that a blog post entails.

I’m also told that on twitter you can ‘follow’ things.  For example, I’m following Nasa, and the guys at pornokitsch, and cool dudes like Nick Harkaway and James Smythe, which is something I couldn’t do on the blog, so if any of you know and enjoy this ‘twitter’ malarcky, please come find me @catwebb42, and I hope to see you there!

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  1. Heading to Twitter now to follow you. If you see notification that @RorygoesonTube followed you, that’s me.

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