The Story Behind the Story

So wrote this to say something more about Harry August!  I was going to put something on this blog, but this is better…


  1. Great article! Thank you for posting. Btw loved the book!

  2. Our lives are song, rhythm, light, and wavelength….and the stories nestled between those fun little photons and protons are told with heartbeats and gasps of breath, both in wonder and disappointment. Some of us yearn for more than simple tunes, short stories, and bits of merriment…some of us yearn to hear the songs of others, to tell our own in turn, and to then go beyond and imagine what other songs might have been sung…are being sung…or will be sung. The process behind this drive though is often a mystery to others. We assume it’s divine inspiration or some other equally immaterial thing and we’re at a loss for words when others ask us why someone sang that one particular song that one particular way. But then we find out why they did…they tell us, we ask, or it just gets discovered in some way and we realize….the same thing that made them sing that song is what makes us sing our own song every day. We’re not so different you and I…photons of light and sound waves of vibrating atoms know no distance or length of time…the message is the same, the song slightly different, but the message is the same.

    Life inspires wonders, physical and immaterial…in the heartbeats and gasps of breath between the songs we sing each other…thank you for singing..and now in return, here is my own song, and hopefully the songs of others follow my own…we may not have the strongest voices, but we can certainly boost you upwards, turn up the volume, jury rig a few amps, and make sure the whole world hears your song…because we’re not so different you and us…so sing for us…sing with all of your heart…we’ll be listening, in between those heartbeats and gasps of breath.

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