Stray Souls – Published Today!

It’s here!

It’s out!

Buy it!

I mean… well, no, I do mean ‘buy it’.  Buy a copy at once, even if you go so far as to do so on kindle.  Buy copies for your friends too.  Then get your friends to buy copies for their friends and family and loved ones, and maybe just a copy to frame, because bending the spine always makes a book look tatty and you might need a copy for reading in the bath, and another for taking on the train, and a third for spilling hot chocolate on – there’s danger everywhere, you see.  Although whether or not you actually want to read Stray Souls is an entirely different matter, and I would argue, only really a secondary consideration….


  1. I came home for a weekend home from school today to find a copy on my kitchen table.
    I can’t wait to sit down and read it!

  2. I actually *have* bought two copies; admittedly because I found it in Waterstones two days before the official release date and nabbed it, not remembering that I’d actually pre-ordered it from Amazon. When I got home from work I found an email telling me that the Amazon copy had now been posted. However, all is not lost – I’m selling one copy on to a friend who might have bought it but now will definitely be buying it, so there’s no risk of any returned sales.

    Only just started it today, but I’m liking the different style so far. I must confess that this might have something to do with Magicals Anonymous reminding me of Reg Shoe’s Fresh Start Club :p

  3. I don’t worry about damaging my paper copies, I have those to be signed. I buy ebook versions to read, because they’re with me all the time on my phone or pad.
    As I said on your other Stray Souls post, I love Magicals Anonymous, very funny. Just going to look for their Facebook page now… >;^)

  4. I got it today (on kindle) and just finished it; it was wonderful! I just loved it. Kevin is just hilarious, and I loved Gretel; I’m so glad they took her out to dinner at the end of everything. And it was interesting to see Matthew through other characters’ eyes. The book was just hugely enjoyable; thank you!

  5. The only reason I haven’t finished it is that bad things have happened in my life and I just couldn’t read anything. But, I pre-ordered it on amazon and when I got up on the 25th, it was already here. Perfection. I’m on page 161 and so far I love it too much. You’re officially my all time favourite writer.

  6. A quote from Stray Souls:

    “You ain’t ever gonna be alone…”
    “And the second thing?”
    “You’re always gonna be alone”

    I’ve never found the words to describe what it feels like…to be a shaman in..well..modern times, I live in a somewhat large city, not too big, big enough and…whenever people ask me stuff, I can never put it into words…they don’t understand, I have no one to talk to about it, and sometimes even I’m not sure I understand…but when I read that page in Stray Souls…I..there…there may have been a few tears of joy…someone finally understood…even if that person is thousands of miles away and it’s all a fictional book but…someone finally understood and…and you’re straight right deadshot on about it all…thank you….thank you so much…I don’t feel so alone anymore…someone understands, in a way, someone understands…

    I know this all sounds weird and…stuff but…well and it’s not like there’s a chance to attend a signing over here in the states and..but books affect people ya know? Reading and the stuff in them has an affect on people make people happy when other things can’t…so thanks…from this tired shaman in the midwest…thank you…Spirit bless, safe paths, love and life.

    You’re right by the way, truths buried beneath shadows…someone’s gotta see ’em…and look after them…I cannot wait for your next book, you brighten my life.

  7. Catherine Woodberry

    Bought. Read. Loved!!
    See for my extremely complimentary review. Thank you for writing not just this one, but all of your books. Keep it up! 🙂

  8. Bought it. Read it. Finished it this morning. Loved it. Please keep ’em coming!

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