Forbidden Planet – an addendum

More information about the Forbidden Planet book signing on this coming Friday, the 26th of October.  As well as me (hello!) there’ll be Benedict Jacka, Charlie Stross and Mike Cobley all signing books simultaneously, in a kinda four-writers-for-the-price-of-one thing only without the helpful financial connotations.  Hopefully see some of you there!

(Incidentally, for anyone still wondering – Stray Souls!  Published Thursday!  And only a few days later in the US!  I’m going to have cake and everything!)


  1. I am so excited about the new books! Have to wait for the US date, unfortunately. I am sure it will be worth it. I should have Stray Souls downloaded immediately… it’s like Christmas! LOL

  2. Damn! I really wanted to come up, but I’d already been up on Monday for a concert, and I couldn’t really take another day off. And now I find out Charlie Stross was with you as well! Bugger! I love his books, and I’d have loved to meet him as well.
    Oh well, never mind. I do have your book, Kate, it arrived Thursday, and I was reading the iBook version in the pub in Avebury this afternoon. Really enjoying it, too; I love the use of Facebook and Twitter for the support group, very funny.
    Great work, thank you, Kate.

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