Wonderful SF/Fantasy Movies

This is by no means a comprehensive list.  It also (grudgingly) cheats and includes some TV.  It is a list of stuff that leaps to mind casually on a Friday afternoon… and absolutely, like the book list, needs fleshing out more!  That said, in no order whatsoever….  Lord of the Rings.  Okay.  So it’s far too long.  It’s TERRIBLY written.  If you actually stop and listen to the words, it’s bad.  The acting is pretty shocking in places, and while the Hobbit improves on the acting a bit, we’re still talking about some deeply, deeply flawed movie-making on many levels, …

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!

Merry Christmas, all, and may you have a wonderful holiday of food, family and festivities! And also too – have a wonderful 2017.  Read books, be kind to strangers, fight for causes good and varied, make more cake, and generally let’s both hope for, and work for, a better world tomorrow! Until then….

Five Years Later….

“So… attack!” said the teacher. “Um… ok,” said the students.  “Which of us is attacking?” “Both!” “But um… who’s defending?” “Both!  Attack!” Nervous eyes flew round the room.  Did he mean… did he mean actually fight?  Like… attack each other… and try to win? “Keep it slow, keep it controlled, think about your feet, look after each other… and attack!” re-iterated the teacher as wide-eyed glances flicked between the assembled students. “Ok…” The three of us exchanged another round of ‘oh hell’ eyes.  Two of us probably had to do something.  No one really wanted to be first.  Eventually partners …

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Wonderful SF/Fantasy Books

I’m sometimes asked for books to recommend… in no particular order, and without much ado, here’s some of mine.  Lord of Light, by Roger Zelazny.  Well, actually – anything by Roger Zelazny, but Lord of Light is truly stunning.  Beautiful, huge ideas; wonderful writing, dry humour and enthralling characters, Zelazny is still, after all these years, The Bestest.  Also give Damnation Alley and the Chronicles of Amber a go – and then read everything else he’s ever written. Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett.  I love all of Pratchett’s books, and arguably Night Watch is a bad place to start, being …

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The Price of My Time

If you are a busy professional in the working day who wishes to tell me that I am wonderful, the average cost for you is £5 per hour. If you wish to abuse me because of your fearful, fearful state of mind, I charge approximately £4.70. None of this involves writing books.  That is a different economic calculation.  But the maths looks something like this…. Every so often – with increasing regularity in fact – I am invited to meet people who have read my books and will tell me that I’m awesome.  This is a very lovely thing and …

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