It Never Rains

Lighting for when God lets you down....

This blog has been quiet for a few weeks – apologies.  All the life has been happening! To catch up on some of this, and because people sometimes wonder what a scribbler’s routine (hollow laughter!) looks like, all the life has been something like this…. From January-May of this year I teched seven plays, and lit a dozen or so music gigs.  What this practically means is that of the twenty weeks encompassed in that time, at least six were spent glued to a lighting desk for fourteen hours straight, trying to coax lights into submission while living on a …

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In Belated Sorta Praise Of… the Matrix (Ole!)


A few weeks ago, I was in a town square in Spain watching the Matrix. The film started at 10.30 p.m., and was watched by about five hundred people, for free as part of the excellent Celcius 232 Festival, on green plastic chairs laid out before an inflatable screen in front of the historic town hall.  I wasn’t planning on watching it, as a) I didn’t remember particularly enjoying it when I first saw it and b) it was in Spanish.  A language I can’t speak in the slightest. But!  I was with another writer and a newly-met friend, and …

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Things I Learned On A Chinese Course

Magnifying glass

 I don’t have to be terrified of language learning!  Yaaaaayyy!  This is a Big Deal for me.  Language learning – a lot like learning to swim – is associated with deep-seated childhood traumas and inadequacies.  A not-insignificant portion of my soul has been defined by the certainty that I am a failure in these areas and will never amount to anything.  Learning Chinese in a class – an actual class with actual people – as well as taking a few swimming lessons in order to try and get like those sleek, shark-like weird people in the fast lane with their …

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I Am Goblin


You know when you were growing up, and reading fantasy books, and maybe starting to play fantasy games, and sometimes you found pictures in your books, or even on the internet (I was just at the wrong age for the internet to be a thing at this time in my life, but I get it now) … and the films of Lord of the Rings came out and it was all deeply formative and all of that?  Remember that? And you know how, with all this going on in your childhood – you basically wanted to be an elf?  A …

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Adventures in…. Estonia


Why is whenever anyone asks me to go traveling I automatically assume it’s some terrible mistake?  Why, for example, would anyone invite me to go to Estonia?  It seems like madness…. … as it turns out, the madness of awesome. In May 2016 I went to the Headread Festival in Tallinn.  As prep I did the following:  Bought some Euros Renewed my European Health Insurance Card Read about the history of Estonia (800 years of various occupying powers; brief flourishes of independence in the early 20th century; more occupation; liberation in 1990 and twenty five years of cultural and economic …

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Strong Women!


Many writers of fantasy/SF identify as feminist.  This is a Good Thing – by adopting the label and wearing it with pride, there is an inherent acknowledgment that genders are equal with each other.  That’s all it is – a simple thing.  Men are equal to women who are equal to men.  This is empowering for everyone, and I am delighted by how many people seem to get this, and grateful to all the writers who go out of their way to celebrate the equality of peoples by writing… well… people.  People who are male.  People who are female.  And …

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