Kings Cross St. Pancras

There’s an argument that these two stations ought to really be tackled separately, since there’s a lot to say about both of them.  But if Transport for London doesn’t mind clumping them together, then I’m not about to w0rry.  These two stations sit on the end of the Euston Road, in a part of London that has a reputation for being kinda squalid that it both does and doesn’t deserve.  Yes, there’s more than a little illicit night-time activity goes down in the back streets around Kings Cross, and yes, coppers are always around, and no, stations generally aren’t that …

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In Praise of Roger Zelazny

I’m sometimes asked who my favourite writers are.  And, while the list is long and extensive, Roger Zelazny has never yet not passed my lips.  I am more than happy to be a one-woman fan club for Zelazny, and sing his praises in all things.  Although dead now (most of my favourite writers are dead, damnit), he turned out a mass of work, ranging from extremely geeky science fiction of the guns-ships-aliens-in-space kind through to fantastical monsters and epic battles of the swords-and-cloaks variety.  His imagination ranged from sentient rocks with a thing for spontaneous nuclear fusion, through to battles …

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So, every year in Tokyo, according to the BBC World Service, there is a celebration of cherry blossom.  Weather reports contain a feature on the progress of the cherry blossom as it spreads across the islands of Japan, until finally a special tree in a garden in Tokyo blooms, picnic-goers materialise for lavish feasts below the flowers and the season is declared to be underway. Now… I won’t pretend we have quite such a thing for cherry blossom in London.  Spring usually announces itself by the population of the city spontaneously stripping down to the bare minimum of clothing, regardless …

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The Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre is a vortex in space and time that would do Dr Who proud.  It lurks in a fat, raised-above-street-level dollop between Moorgate, St Pauls and Goswell Road, in a place where clearly a lot of bombs fell back during the Blitz.  Do not, do not, do NOT assume that normal laws of geography apply within its walls.  In its maze of walkways, towers, crescents, squares, avenues, internal ramps, stairs, bridges and tunnels are hidden away two theatres, three cinemas, one concert hall, three restaurants, one secondary school, one lake, one music shop, one library, one music and drama …

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G20 Protests in London

So, this week, as probably the whole world knows, the G20 leaders met in London to talk about how economically stuffed we all are.  And, because economics is a subject about which I know just enough to know that I really don’t get it, and because the protesters who went into the city in preparation for the G20 summit seemed to cover every political movement from Environmentalists to Marxists, I kinda forget to take the protests into consideration when trying to find a bus.  Much walking and an unlikely train ride later, I made it home, but not before I’d joined …

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A Madness of Angels

A Madness of Angels is now, finally, out in the UK shops!  So now’s the chance to see what it’s all about… I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!