In Praise of…. This Changes Everything

London Fields Summer 2015 (1)

I don’t often do book reviews on this blog, perhaps because as someone who is occasionally reviewed I assume that everyone else in the scribbling business, like me, wants to avoid reading them.  (This is what is known as Very Very Wrong Thinking.) However, This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein is both good enough and perhaps important enough to merit a bit of conversation.  It’s not a barrel of laughs; a book about the entanglement between environmentalism and capitalism, it’s never gonna make your heart soar with incandescent joy. That said, its greatest strength is perhaps not the clarity with …

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The Sudden Appearance of Hope

Sudden Appearance of Hope

Guys guys guys guys I wrote a book!! Um.  Yes.  Well.  Specifically I wrote this book…. It’s about a lass called, surprisingly, Hope.  She’s got a wee problem – no one can remember her.  She can do stuff, go places, chat to strangers and interact with the world, but the second people turn their backs on her they begin to forget that she was ever there.  Naturally this makes certain aspects of her life – work, friendship, family, love – kinda tricky.  On the plus side she is a consummate thief. Without wanting to spoil too much, Stuff Happens.  While …

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Swimathon 2016!!!!

The Red Herrings

GUYS GUYS GUYS I’m doing a Swimathon again! This time it’s as much my fault as my usual training buddy, who last year kinda sorta bullied me into doing one for Marie Curie.  The Marie Curie Swimathon was a) good fun but also b) it felt really good to be raising money for a cause I strongly support, so this year I kinda went looking for the Swimathon again and bullied my mate into it and… … well… … here we are.  The Red Herrings are back. This time, however, we’re raising money for Sports Relief.  I had to do …

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Two Writers Meet In A Bar….

Seriously. I have so much time for gormless tall creatures like myself...

“Hi, I’m [Bob].” “Hi, I’m Cat!  Lovely to meet you!  What brings you to this book event?” “I’m soon to be a published writer.” “That’s great!  Who are you published by?” “Meccadodo publishing.” “Cool!  What sort of stuff do you write?” “Epic YA high urban paranormal fantasy with a psychological twist to make it really speak to our present day society and issues of mental health, with vampire elves and a magic sword.” “Awesome.  I didn’t realise Meccadodo did that kinda thing…” “They don’t usually.  I’m one of their newest writers on a brand new list.  They’re very excited.” “That’s …

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Novellas in November


Novellas, novellas!  Whoopee and hurrah there are some novellas coming yaaaayyy! And they look really pretty…. As books what I have written go, I think these are kinda ok!  They’re out in ebook in early November or, if you’re like me and don’t really do the ebook thing, then they’re also out as one complete volume on audiobook read by the always-awesome Peter Kenny.  They’re all separate novellas, set a few hundred years apart, but they’re also all kinda part of the same over-arching narrative thingy, so um… yeah… go read!  And hopefully – enjoy!