Bad Habits


Putting off doing awesome things now, in the hope that I’ll be able to do them when I’m an old biddy. I have this basically mad mindset which states that while I’m young and doing reasonably ok in life, I need to workworkworkwork to make sure that I have the savings and resources so that when I’m an old, old lady, I can do all the fun things WHICH I COULD BE DOING NOW.  It is, essentially, insane. Not warming up or cooling down properly before and after exercise. All the cake… ah but the cake is so good… and …

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Merry Christmas 2015!

Southwark Cathedral Christmas Tree

Another year, another Christmas!  And what an interesting year 2015 has been…. as I write this, December 2015 is on course to being the hottest for 100 years, we have another Conservative government, and the local poundshop round the corner has been shut down for who knows what. Or to put it another way: the times, they never really stop a-changing. I don’t know where 2016 will lead me, you or the world as a whole.  I’ve given up on predictions, really, and am just angling for doing the best I can within the remit of my limited moral code.  …

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In My Copious Free Time


There’s so much I want to learn.  Just SO MUCH STUFF.  In no particular order… How to sing.  I can play the piano a wee bit, but singing just seems fun.  And singing in a group – incredible fun and a wonderfully social activity at that.  I did once attend a gospel singing thing with a friend, and it was fun, even for an atheist who took the lyrics as being merely secondary to the joyful noise business.  But alas, one thing I discovered from gospel singing is this: that I can clap and I can sway, and I can …

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In Praise of…. Jessica Jones


CAN’T WATCH DON’T WANT TO WATCH CAN’T LOOK AWAY ARRGGGGHHHH. I haven’t finished it yet, so don’t flippin’ spoil it but I need to find out what happens and I can’t bare to look. Let’s cover why I need to watch: 1.  Jessica Jones is awesome.  A proper actual awesome character of awesome with bills to pay and a life to lead and mistakes made and friends and convictions and flaws and just… … just a proper awesome kick-ass character of the kind TV needs more of, all the time, please.  And yes, this is a shout-out to Marvel’s general …

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In Support of Junior Doctors

nhs junior doctors

As I write this, the website of the British Medical Association is utterly failing to load.  I’ve sat and poked it, hit refresh, and no, it’s not coming up.  And I wonder whether this is in any way connected with the announced strike for junior doctors on December 1st? Juniors doctors are striking over new contracts that the Tory government and its ever-delightful Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, are attempting to impose.  The intention of these contracts sounds noble: a 7-day NHS, fewer working hours for doctors (who can easily, easily do upwards of 72 hours a week), and a simplified …

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