In Praise of… Daredevil


I clapped and whooped at the final moment of the final episode of series 1 of Daredevil, and whooped again when I read that series 2 was already in development.  It was not the only time I found myself cheering.  Ah Daredevil – Daredevil!  At last the memories of the …

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Self Defence in Limehouse


On April 25th I’m going to be 50% of the teaching team for this…. It’s a self-defence seminar for women happening at Limehouse Town Hall, and I’m really looking forward to it.  There’s a great deal of complexity in doing anything gender-specific, especially in self-defence, but I’ll leave that …

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General Election 2015


It’s on May 7th. Everyone vote. Thank you and farewell.     Wait…. … not sure who to vote for? Go read party policies.  Go listen to speeches by leaders and your local candidates.  Research; can’t beat it.  The voting patterns of all our MPs, their statements, interests and affiliations …

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I’m having a holiday and so far I’m…. … really struggling, actually. I mean, it’s not a going-away-holiday… not yet.  There will be a little flourish of going away with my Mum in a few weeks time, taking the train to France for a coupla days, and it’ll be awesome, …

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A Gentle Reminder….


1.  Next weekend (28th of March, 2015) I’ll be at Waterstones Uxbridge from 1 p.m. signing stuff and chatting and generally hanging out.  If you’re in the area, come and chat! 2.  Next month (on April 19th, to be exact) I’ll be taking part in a Swimathon to raise money …

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