This Is Going To Suck

I’m giving up chocolate for March 2017, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Also because I have an addiction.  Like a proper chocolate addiction.  It’s basically the thing the keeps me going.  Hence the fact that giving it up is going to suck.  And you know how every year I tend to do one thing for charity?  And how every year it’s also usually something that is vaguely self-improving too, because of how charities have worked out that people are more likely to campaign for a thing if there’s a selfish kicker too? So in 2014, I ran …

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Why We March

I did not go to the Women’s March in London to march against one man, or one idea, or law, or one nation. I did not walk in rage, or because I am more oppressed than another, or because my voice is uniquely powerful, or uniquely right, or uniquely true.  I am privileged in many things; my privilege did not come from a vacuum, and does not buy the right to isolation. So I went marching, in solidarity with an idea.  An idea of equality for all – for the men who are denied a right to express their anger …

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Learning About Cameras

“It’s like a light… there’s some lenses, only this time instead of pushing light out, you’re taking light in.” Makes it sound so simple.  After many years of saying I should get a camera, my partner cracked, and got me a camera.  And there’s so much to learn.  And so many pictures to take!  And so much light to muck around with.  And a whole new way of looking at the world. It’s going to take me years to get any good at any of that.  Thankfully, to make up for my lack of skill, there has been a lot …

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!

Merry Christmas, all, and may you have a wonderful holiday of food, family and festivities! And also too – have a wonderful 2017.  Read books, be kind to strangers, fight for causes good and varied, make more cake, and generally let’s both hope for, and work for, a better world tomorrow! Until then….

Five Years Later….

“So… attack!” said the teacher. “Um… ok,” said the students.  “Which of us is attacking?” “Both!” “But um… who’s defending?” “Both!  Attack!” Nervous eyes flew round the room.  Did he mean… did he mean actually fight?  Like… attack each other… and try to win? “Keep it slow, keep it controlled, think about your feet, look after each other… and attack!” re-iterated the teacher as wide-eyed glances flicked between the assembled students. “Ok…” The three of us exchanged another round of ‘oh hell’ eyes.  Two of us probably had to do something.  No one really wanted to be first.  Eventually partners …

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