Shiny Shiny New New


I have a shiny new blog!  Well, no, it’s still THIS blog, but we (rather, the amazing Felice at Orbit) have been playing around with the layout and that to make it shinier.  There’s now a whole twitter widget thing if you want to follow me without actually committing tweets, …

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What Is Normal?

pills more pills

It was a question that first popped into my head while writing Touch.  The narrator, Kepler, jumps from body to body, never accessing the body’s memories as it does so, and on arrival will frequently complain.  ‘This guy is short-sighed but doesn’t have spectacles; she’s got flat feet but doesn’t …

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Re-learning the piano


I used to play the piano at school.  Or rather… when I was very very mini I bullied my parents into letting me learn piano, and they agreed, and for a few years I slogged through the exams but didn’t really practice very much unless I liked the piece until …

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In Shameful, Disgraceful, Joyous Praise of…


Burn Notice. Guys.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  As TV goes, it’s ain’t Shakespeare. There’s so much not to like. Borderline-offensive lingering shots on scantily-clad, narratively irrelevant women, buttocks swaying beneath the Miami sun; story lines that make you want to bang your head against a wall, the occasional piece of …

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More Nine Worlds!


A last reminder, for anyone who hasn’t already heard, that I’ll be at Nine Worlds this Friday doing a panel with some amazing people about Time Travel, and then signing books with more amazing people shortly after.  I may also be found eating cake and looking at books at some …

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