Self Defence in Limehouse


On April 25th I’m going to be 50% of the teaching team for this…. It’s a self-defence seminar for women happening at Limehouse Town Hall, and I’m really looking forward to it.  There’s a great deal of complexity in doing anything gender-specific, especially in self-defence, but I’ll leave that …

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General Election 2015


It’s on May 7th. Everyone vote. Thank you and farewell.     Wait…. … not sure who to vote for? Go read party policies.  Go listen to speeches by leaders and your local candidates.  Research; can’t beat it.  The voting patterns of all our MPs, their statements, interests and affiliations …

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I’m having a holiday and so far I’m…. … really struggling, actually. I mean, it’s not a going-away-holiday… not yet.  There will be a little flourish of going away with my Mum in a few weeks time, taking the train to France for a coupla days, and it’ll be awesome, …

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A Gentle Reminder….


1.  Next weekend (28th of March, 2015) I’ll be at Waterstones Uxbridge from 1 p.m. signing stuff and chatting and generally hanging out.  If you’re in the area, come and chat! 2.  Next month (on April 19th, to be exact) I’ll be taking part in a Swimathon to raise money …

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Reasons Why


I will never be asked to give a graduation speech at my old colleges.  I’m not academic enough for LSE, nor actory enough for RADA, and thus the distilled wisdom of the last few years (i.e. there’s no such thing as ‘lending’ a sharpie, or always run your data cable …

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