Needing Time Off


There’s a dream holiday I want to do, and it goes like this… 1.  Train London-Paris.  The Eurostar is awesome.  Gare du Nord is not the world’s nicest station, but who cares, it’s Paris, it’s Eurostar, spend a couple of nights in the city, go walking by the Seine, go …

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Awesome Panda


This blog post could also be called… In Praise of Kung Fu Panda, but given that it’s gonna be a while before I get to that point, let’s leave its title as it is. I’ve been on a bit of a Chinese martial-arts movie binge the last few weeks, justifying …

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Going Green


Soooo I’m thinking of joining the Green Party. There have been plenty of reasons against joining until now.  For a long time, the Green Party seemed to be a one-issue venture, and I was unconvinced they had much to say about more than the environment – which is, let’s face …

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Teaching Women’s Self-Defense…


On November 16th I’m gonna be teaching a class in London Fields with my amazing partner-in-crime Hamida, on women’s self-defense. It has nothing to do with books. It has nothing to do with lights! It won’t go into any particular martial art in depth, though obviously it is gonna …

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Professional Armour


So again I’ve been reminded that I’m ‘scary’. In theatre I can be very scary indeed in the face of inadequacy and incompetence, and this is fine and I will not apologise for it.  If you do your job badly, and you are threatening to break the show, then do …

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