Joyous London Maps

big ben

These…. … make me happy!

London Things That Make Me Happy


1.  The 243 bus route, as it gets to Goswell Road, announces the stop in one of the most sensual voices ever to grace the London transport network.  It’s almost indecent how excited the automated recording sounds to be pulling up at this venerable, sometime-gateway to the old city.  (Footnote: …

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Season of Daffodils

Daffodils in London 2014 (2)

Every year I tend to blog about how beautiful London can be in spring.  Alas, as I write this entry, all of England – not just London – is shrouded in light smog.  A mixture of European and British pollution, combined with dust from the Sahara, means my asthmatic lungs …

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Sound Map of London


This: … is awesome.

This is stunning…

london-bridge For my part, waking up that morning, I looked out of my window and all I saw was white.  London had vanished.  It’s a slightly spooky feeling, particularly when you’re a few floors up, and it looks like you’re floating in nothingness….