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Apr 18

This gives me joy

It was sent to me by my agent, years ago, and I found it while cleaning up my computer.  It is pure brilliance, and very clearly written by a literary agent…  

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Apr 16

All Tantalising Will (Nearly) End

Firstly, how do you spell ‘tantalising’?  Hum.  Even though wordpress is flagging it as a spelling error, I think I’ve got it right… So I’ve been talking for a while about topsecretprojects1-3.3, and the soon-to-be-commenced topsecretproject4, and I’m not gonna lie, while it’s been immensely frustrating not actually naming these things, at the very least I …

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Apr 12

Three Years a Lighting Designer

I have now been a theatre lighting designer for three years and… oooh… six months, give or take.  I say ‘I have been’ but in my first secondment out of RADA a large part of the experience was being informed that to even call myself a lighting designer, in my ignorant state, was an offense …

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Apr 09

Season of Daffodils

Every year I tend to blog about how beautiful London can be in spring.  Alas, as I write this entry, all of England – not just London – is shrouded in light smog.  A mixture of European and British pollution, combined with dust from the Sahara, means my asthmatic lungs are currently bordering on non-functional. …

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Apr 06

Adventures in… Northampton?

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Northampton is not the glamorous throbbing heart of the North.  Once it was clearly awesome.  It has a museum dedicated to the history of shoe manufacture, which once it was a centre of, a beautiful guildhall, a nice market and an absolutely lovely theatre.  The rest… well… I’ve seen sexier places.  …

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Apr 02

Spring Festival at London Metropolitan Archives

So, the London Metropolitan Archives are having a festival… and I’m going!  I’m going to read books (probably mine) and talk about books (again, still probably mine although you never know, I get easily distracted) on Friday 11th of April 1-2 p.m..   Right now, as I write this post, I am stupidly ill, which …

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Mar 31

Injury Time!

I shouldn’t be so surprised that after 4 episodes of Hamlet on BBC Radio, and 3 hours of listening, Claudius still isn’t dead. Hamlet in the afternoon has been my background noise while working this week.  There’s something about the woes of a semi-suicidal-insane-Dane that really lifts the day, not least when that moment comes …

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Mar 27

Writing Battles

A very friendly drunk man, learning that I wrote books for my living, once turned to me and exclaimed, “Christ, I’m writing a book too!  It’s going to be incredible!” At these words, a polite smile naturally locked itself onto my features.  For 45 minutes I listened as he told me all about his imminently …

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Mar 24

The Only Fantasy Map…

This: http://eotbeholder.deviantart.com/art/The-Only-Fantasy-World-Map-245738593 … is simple and wonderful.

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Mar 22

Adventures in Lyme Regis…

One of the great perks of being a lighting designer, is every now and then it takes you on an adventure.  A few weeks ago, this adventure was in Lyme Regis. I know very little about Lyme Regis.  My Mum informs me it’s been the setting of a couple of novels.  My friend from Somerset …

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