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Jul 19

Geekfest 2014

A reminder that, as well as giving a reading and talk at the National Maritime Museum on July 24th as part of Dark and Stormy, I will be at Nine Worlds on August 8th, signing books and talking about time travel and awesome stuff with amazing dudes.  (I’m also in Edinburgh for the festival tech …

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Jul 18

Satisfied Against Adversity

I wish I didn’t have to say this, but a lot of the time, anywhere between 30-80% of a lighting designer’s job is a battle against adversity.  On massive productions this may not be the case so much, but on your standard fringe-ish show, an LD may have all the vision in the world, but …

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Jul 13

Sticks and Brains

Recently I attended a seminar on self-defense for women.  It’s totally my cuppa tea.  There are very few Causes with a Capital C in my life, but environmentalism, literacy and women-awesomeness are probably the top three, followed closely by respect for the scientific method, and maybe a campaign to lower the price of belgian chocolate …

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Jul 08

Bad Reviews

I don’t really read reviews.  Sometimes I do – sometimes someone will send me a link to something, or a cutting, but generally speaking if someone’s actually sending me there, it’s probably a nice review, and my ego and joy overwhelms my sense of caution. What I tend not to do, is go looking for …

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Jul 03

Dark and Stormy

So, there’s this thing happening…: http://www.rmg.co.uk/whats-on/events/dark-and-stormy And it’s awesome.  I’m going to be there, doing stuff (including a reading of a short story what I wrote for an anthology being published as part of this) and some amazing dudes are going to be there too also doing awesome stuff.  And it’s at the National Maritime …

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Jun 30

Sparring Partners

I love learning escrima.  Classes make me happy, thinking about it makes me happy – it brings me joy.  When I first started learning, I found half a broom handle to practice the movements with.  Now, when I’m working as a lighting designer during intense periods, and can’t make it to class for a while, …

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Jun 25

Okay, I admit it…

Firstly, I do keep an eye on comments, and am always thrilled and grateful when people a) add to b) reply about c) criticise a lot or d) just generally get involved in a conversation on this blog.  To you all: my thanks. Secondly, as Tim Minchin once pointed out, all those people who, as …

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Jun 20


Remember topsecretprojects3.1-3.3?  They’re finished!  I think I’m allowed to talk about them too… I don’t see any reason why I can’t talk about them, save for the fact we haven’t quite nailed a title yet… watch this space… I’ve been writing some novellas. Some eleven months ago, my editor, who I think I might love …

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Jun 15

Something called ‘Twitter’

So I’ve joined a thing called ‘twitter’.  Apparently there you can ‘tweet’.  But!  Each tweet has a character limit, which will be very odd.  For example, this entire blog post has probably already exceeded it.  I find this very unsettling. However!  I am informed that this new-found concision could be a good thing!  I could …

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Jun 09

Amazon Again

We all knew that Charlie Stross was pretty cool and had interesting stuff to say… and I’d suggest that his analysis of amazon and how it is basically evil is pretty on the money, really… http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2014/05/amazon-malignant-monopoly-or-j.html

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