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  5. Season of Daffodils — April 9, 2014

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Apr 22

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

So for more than a year I’ve had very little to say about the things I’ve been working on.  I’ve had very little to say on this blog, in emails, at conventions, giving talks, doing readings or just talking to people who are affably curious to know.  Arguably, I’ve had so little to say that …

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Apr 18

This gives me joy

It was sent to me by my agent, years ago, and I found it while cleaning up my computer.  It is pure brilliance, and very clearly written by a literary agent…  

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Apr 16

All Tantalising Will (Nearly) End

Firstly, how do you spell ‘tantalising’?  Hum.  Even though wordpress is flagging it as a spelling error, I think I’ve got it right… So I’ve been talking for a while about topsecretprojects1-3.3, and the soon-to-be-commenced topsecretproject4, and I’m not gonna lie, while it’s been immensely frustrating not actually naming these things, at the very least I …

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Apr 12

Three Years a Lighting Designer

I have now been a theatre lighting designer for three years and… oooh… six months, give or take.  I say ‘I have been’ but in my first secondment out of RADA a large part of the experience was being informed that to even call myself a lighting designer, in my ignorant state, was an offense …

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Apr 09

Season of Daffodils

Every year I tend to blog about how beautiful London can be in spring.  Alas, as I write this entry, all of England – not just London – is shrouded in light smog.  A mixture of European and British pollution, combined with dust from the Sahara, means my asthmatic lungs are currently bordering on non-functional. …

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Apr 06

Adventures in… Northampton?

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Northampton is not the glamorous throbbing heart of the North.  Once it was clearly awesome.  It has a museum dedicated to the history of shoe manufacture, which once it was a centre of, a beautiful guildhall, a nice market and an absolutely lovely theatre.  The rest… well… I’ve seen sexier places.  …

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Apr 02

Spring Festival at London Metropolitan Archives

So, the London Metropolitan Archives are having a festival… and I’m going!  I’m going to read books (probably mine) and talk about books (again, still probably mine although you never know, I get easily distracted) on Friday 11th of April 1-2 p.m..   Right now, as I write this post, I am stupidly ill, which …

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Mar 31

Injury Time!

I shouldn’t be so surprised that after 4 episodes of Hamlet on BBC Radio, and 3 hours of listening, Claudius still isn’t dead. Hamlet in the afternoon has been my background noise while working this week.  There’s something about the woes of a semi-suicidal-insane-Dane that really lifts the day, not least when that moment comes …

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Mar 27

Writing Battles

A very friendly drunk man, learning that I wrote books for my living, once turned to me and exclaimed, “Christ, I’m writing a book too!  It’s going to be incredible!” At these words, a polite smile naturally locked itself onto my features.  For 45 minutes I listened as he told me all about his imminently …

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Mar 24

The Only Fantasy Map…

This: http://eotbeholder.deviantart.com/art/The-Only-Fantasy-World-Map-245738593 … is simple and wonderful.

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