In (mournful) praise of…. Constantine


It starts with the comic books, obviously.  The massively, massively inconsistent comic books.  At their greatest – scary, powerful, funny, dark, lively, magical, hellish and full of heart.  At their worst: what even is this inconsistent rubbish?  Let’s face it, they’ve fluctuated, and are very guilty of having naked women getting cut up with knives on more than a few occasions, but hell.  When Hellblazer is good, Hellblazer is really very damn good indeed, and can proudly claim the honour of having spawned endless less good knock-offs which probably didn’t even realise they were pinching from the best. (Personal highlight, …

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Dark Societies – September 21st


This is a thing I’m doing!! Whoopee and it’s gonna be awesome!  There are many things that are gonna make it so, not least the guests, who are excellent despite me being there – and include Mike Carey, who is let’s not kid ourselves, sickeningly talented and the nicest man in comics – but also… It’s at a sexy, sexy Central London location, which I’m a big fan of, personally…. It’s hosted by the Post Apocalyptic Book Club, which is run by a woman who’s sheer awesome is sorta mind-blowing and who I need to play Mario Kart with.  …

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Conversations With The Lighting Lady


“Ok so let’s update that to track and can we please put cue 86.5 with ‘at once sweet friend’ and we’re also going to….” “Hello.” “Oh.  Hello.  Sorry, I’m a bit….” “Are you the Lighting Lady?” “If by Lighting Lady, do you mean I’m Cat, the lighting designer and woman who’s been in a rehearsal room with you and your fellow cast members for at least twenty hours already… yes.  That’s me.” “Do you know where I go to get my radio mic?” “Do I… no.  No I don’t.  Sorry.  You’ll be wanting to talk to sound.” “Okay.  Where are …

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Save St Lukes Early Dementia Service


My local community centre is awesome.  It is a hub of activity for the old and young; it offers services for women and men, a place to talk, to relax, to be entertained, to meet and share with others.  It supports the vulnerable and offers a local friendly place for all and sundry who come through its doors.  When I’m an old biddy, I’ve often said, I will be happier knowing that this place exists, and is a resource that I can trust in.  It genuinely makes the idea of spending the next twenty years in my flat better. However!  …

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Things That Fill Me With Joy


Books.  All the books.  Terry Pratchett, Roger Zelazny, Ursula le Guin, Ruth Ozeki, Garfield, Neil Gaiman, Iain M. Banks… and sometimes, all the awesome books by writers who I’ve met and are also awesome… all the books, but all the writers and all the readers too. Kids, together.  Boys, girls, every race and creed.  Kids before society tells them that people are different from each other.  Kids who don’t yet think they need money to get by, and it’s obvious that you should help others, and it’s obvious that we are all equal.  Kids – we’ve kinda screwed up the …

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