The Sudden Appearance of Hope

Sudden Appearance of Hope

Guys guys guys guys I wrote a book!! Um.  Yes.  Well.  Specifically I wrote this book…. It’s about a lass called, surprisingly, Hope.  She’s got a wee problem – no one can remember her.  She can do stuff, go places, chat to strangers and interact with the world, but the second people turn their backs on her they begin to forget that she was ever there.  Naturally this makes certain aspects of her life – work, friendship, family, love – kinda tricky.  On the plus side she is a consummate thief. Without wanting to spoil too much, Stuff Happens.  While …

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Bad Habits


Putting off doing awesome things now, in the hope that I’ll be able to do them when I’m an old biddy. I have this basically mad mindset which states that while I’m young and doing reasonably ok in life, I need to workworkworkwork to make sure that I have the savings and resources so that when I’m an old, old lady, I can do all the fun things WHICH I COULD BE DOING NOW.  It is, essentially, insane. Not warming up or cooling down properly before and after exercise. All the cake… ah but the cake is so good… and …

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Stage Fighting

We did a couple of techie-orientated lectures on stage fighting, back at Ra-de-da, while the actors did their stage combat training.  In tech the arrival of the fight choreographer was always a Big Deal, as invariably they’d only have a couple of hours to spend on the show and, more importantly, we could only ever afford to pay them for that thin amount of time, before the cost of their expertise began to cost more than… say…  the set. One of the choreographers who talked to the techies explained some of the skills required.  For a start, he had brown …

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(Subtitle: I do not think this word means what you think it means….) Collaboration!  If you could please imagine proclaiming it with brass fanfare behind… … coll-ab-or-ation!! It is the battle cry of theatre.  What are we going to do on this show?  COLLABORATE to make something wonderful!  What is the purpose of rehearsals?  To COLLABORATE whoop whoop!  How are technical rehearsals made smooth and easy?  By collaborating! Except.  Actually.  More of the time than perhaps we’d admit… … it’s a bit of a lie. I say this without rancor.  There are many reasons as to why we often fail …

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Swimathon 2016!!!!

The Red Herrings

GUYS GUYS GUYS I’m doing a Swimathon again! This time it’s as much my fault as my usual training buddy, who last year kinda sorta bullied me into doing one for Marie Curie.  The Marie Curie Swimathon was a) good fun but also b) it felt really good to be raising money for a cause I strongly support, so this year I kinda went looking for the Swimathon again and bullied my mate into it and… … well… … here we are.  The Red Herrings are back. This time, however, we’re raising money for Sports Relief.  I had to do …

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