Apr 18

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This gives me joy

It was sent to me by my agent, years ago, and I found it while cleaning up my computer.  It is pure brilliance, and very clearly written by a literary agent…


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  1. Mike Brooks


    That’s beautiful.

  2. Mike Brooks

    And also makes me wonder exactly how many people think sort-of like this…

  3. Sox

    LOL… that was awesome. :)

    And that’s why I don’t intend on quitting my day job anytime soon. If I do get published – then, nifty. But I’ll still be where I’m at for quite some time, I’m sure. Still, it’s nice that I have the support of everyone I work with – and, it cracks me up when the higher ups joke about me doing book signings during promotional events for my place of business, hehe.

    It was especially humbling when the highest exec – next to the actual ‘owner’ of my place of employment, actually asked me how my book was coming along last Friday. (The guy that signs our paychecks) We chatted for about fifteen minutes, just about my book and the process of writing and all that. It was nifty. Then after, he wished me luck and said that even if my book doesn’t get published, I should still feel proud for what I’ve accomplished – and then added, if I do get famous, not to forget the ‘little people’, lol.

    Yes. It’s nice to have support. As for my project itself, I wrote my book in four months, but revisions are no joke! I’ve revised my manuscript over a dozen times, and even if I think I’m happy with the most recent chapter I’ve revised, I’ll go back and reread it a week later and still find a line, or words, that just seem out of place. So, yeah – anyone who thinks ‘its easy’ and that ‘they’re just going to get rich off a single manuscript’ is in for a horrible dose of reality.

    Which is why I enjoy Kate’s blog. I’m eager for her insight and ‘wise words’. Which have been helpful in my journey as a newbie writer. Her posts and my copy of the Writer’s Marketplace has been my saving grace. I want to do everything by the book, and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to post on here: I finally got published! :)

  4. Jessica

    This has totally made my day!

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