Apr 02

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Spring Festival at London Metropolitan Archives

So, the London Metropolitan Archives are having a festival… and I’m going!  I’m going to read books (probably mine) and talk about books (again, still probably mine although you never know, I get easily distracted) on Friday 11th of April 1-2 p.m..


Right now, as I write this post, I am stupidly ill, which makes it hard for me to sell the awesomeness of all the awesome, but for a view on this thing and how much better it is than my paracetamol-addled brain makes it sound, have a closer look here….




… I hope to see some of you there!

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  1. Rae

    Do you ever do bookish-type-interacting-with-your-readers-things outside of London?

    *A Shropshire Lass*

  2. Kit

    That looks like a great lineup! You reading first, and then Christopher Fowler, whose books I also really enjoy. Alas for the Atlantic Ocean! Are you ever going to come to the New World to give a book talk?

  3. Symeon Ververidis

    Thanks for coming Kate! It was pleasure listening to you. Kevin the OCD vampire is my new hero!

  4. David Brider

    …I wish I’d known about this *before* it happened..!

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