Spring Festival at London Metropolitan Archives

So, the London Metropolitan Archives are having a festival… and I’m going!  I’m going to read books (probably mine) and talk about books (again, still probably mine although you never know, I get easily distracted) on Friday 11th of April 1-2 p.m..


Right now, as I write this post, I am stupidly ill, which makes it hard for me to sell the awesomeness of all the awesome, but for a view on this thing and how much better it is than my paracetamol-addled brain makes it sound, have a closer look here….




… I hope to see some of you there!


  1. Do you ever do bookish-type-interacting-with-your-readers-things outside of London?

    *A Shropshire Lass*

  2. That looks like a great lineup! You reading first, and then Christopher Fowler, whose books I also really enjoy. Alas for the Atlantic Ocean! Are you ever going to come to the New World to give a book talk?

  3. Symeon Ververidis

    Thanks for coming Kate! It was pleasure listening to you. Kevin the OCD vampire is my new hero!

  4. …I wish I’d known about this *before* it happened..!

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