A Guide To Tech-Speak

A guide to useful terminology that you may hear if you happen to wander into a theatre.

There’s an air-gap:  the light’s unplugged.

There’s a resistance issue: the light’s unplugged.

Get me a sky clamp: this is a ridiculous idea that will never work, go away and please don’t come back.

Get me a long weight: really.  As long as you possibly can.

Patching issue: we have no idea what’s wrong with it.

Phasing issue:  someone’s been electrocuted.

Transformer issue: the thing exploded.

Push the DFA* up: you’re an idiot.  Go away.  (*DFA = Does F**k All.)

Phantom power: our friendly neighbourhood ghost.

Cuing error: stage manager fell asleep.

Oping error: board operator fell asleep.

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