Stuff What Is Coming Up

So, I’m doing one of these:

‘Cos let’s face it, it’ll be fun, and the people who organise it are awesome and… um… yes.  I figured I should tell people about it.  There’s also more book stuff which I still can’t talk about, and the play early next year and a few things besides, but since I’m still bound by secrecy and that in some of this, I’ll go away now.


  1. *dies*

    *plots sudden flight to England*

  2. Just to be *clear*.

    No, I’m not making a sudden trip to England!

    But the notion of both Kate and Tim Powers in the same room is exciting.

  3. Oh my god, I think I’ll be off on this day. I’ll find out tomorrow and then book a ticket because sdscfghytrgedsadfghgfds *keeps smashing keyboard*

  4. Oh, rats, this is what comes of not paying attention to your blog for a while. Tickets sold out! Pity – the thought of you and Tim Powers in the same room at the same time is…well, actually, I’m not sure the universe could cope with that much awesome, and there’d probably be some kind of geek implosion.

    Oh well – hope you have a fun evening. As it happens, I’ll be coming back from seeing friends in Scotland that day. But man alive, if I make it back down in time, I might just pop down there on the off chance…

  5. Sold out. This is what I get for being sick and forgetting everything. Oh well. I guess I’m just gonna blow my nose now and pretend I’m not crying, it’s just the cold. Although… should I go on socially awkward fangirl mode and hang out around the place, hoping to accidentally meet you? Or am I being too creepy? Sorry, I’m a socially awkward fangirl…

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