Oct 31

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Zombie Apocalypse!

If you are a) not interested in the American 2012 election, b) don’t like zombies and c) have never understood WHY Firefly, Serenity, Avengers and yes, I suppose, Buffy, then this…


Is not for you.

However, should 1 of the 3 apply, follow that link, Quicksilver!

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  1. Jeanne


  2. Mike Brooks

    Joss Whedon can do very, very little wrong, and this is merely further proof of this indisputable fact.

  3. Mike Brooks

    Also, here is Samuel L Jackson being rather more direct.


  4. Tim S

    “Hmmm, Spam has its own key” :-D

  5. Catherine Woodberry

    I loved this when I saw it via a Twitter link. Now, every time Romney comes on the tv (which is amazingly often considering I’m not in the US), I think about the possible upcoming zombie apocalypse! :)

  6. Help! Zombies!

    That was the one bad thing about voting against Romney. We could have seen the end of the world so much sooner lol.

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