Trust Da Man


For a month last year, my Medic Mate lived in my flat, and it was lovely.  We had paella; we went on adventures on her one-day-off-every-two-weeks, we consumed obscene quantities of peas; and in the evening, she’d tell me about work. “The nurses!” she exclaimed.  “Oh but, you know what, …

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Authory Bits

Kindles smaller

There are two parts to the scribbling job.  Firstly, there’s the writing the book.  This is the Awesome Fun part.  Then, there’s being a Professional Author.  Which is a completely different cuppa tea. The best author bit: lunch. Sometimes, as an author, people have lunch with me.  Sometimes it’s my …

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In Praise of…. Spirited Away


I cry.  Every time.  I just do.  Sorry.  It takes a lot to make me cry; traditionally my only three triggers are the lunar landings (because: man on the moon!), the fall of the Berlin Wall (seriously!!) and, yes, the Lion King. But Spirited Away makes me cry too.  In …

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Paperback day hurrah!!

harry august

So, the First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is published in paperback today, and for UK readers I’m thrilled to report that it’s a Richard and Judy Bookclub pick!  This is what counts as Very Awesome and Cool.  If you follow the link above you’ll also find a podcast interview …

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Shiny Shiny New New


I have a shiny new blog!  Well, no, it’s still THIS blog, but we (rather, the amazing Felice at Orbit) have been playing around with the layout and that to make it shinier.  There’s now a whole twitter widget thing if you want to follow me without actually committing tweets, …

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No Time Wasters Please


Before I begin, let me say: I have worked on dozens of shows with amazing and wonderful people.  The thought process that follows describes rare, bad moments.  Alas, however, the bad moments are always more interesting than the good ones, so with that caveat in mind, now Read On… Sometimes …

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